Philosophy of Ministry

Note: If you would like detailed explanations and Scripture references upon which we draw our beliefs, please click here to read or download the PDF.

Preaching - The Bible is the Word of God, given to us as a blueprint for living. At VCC, the Word is preached at each service.

Small groups - are the place where relationships are formed. Food, fellowship, sharing, caring, encouragement, studying, shared interests, and prayer are all components of our small groups.

Evangelism -We believe that the church has a God-given mandate to reach a lost and dying world for Jesus Christ. We are each given a charge to do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Praise & Worship - We believe that praise and worship are necessary, vital, and extravagant acts of love towards God. Further, we believe that praise and worship are to be alive, vibrant, and fresh.

Tithing - Tithing refers to the practice of systematically giving a portion of one's income back to the Lord for His work. The word "tithe" means 'a tenth', in Hebrew.

Spiritual Warfare - Although we have the ultimate victory over Satan, we must activate the victory, by engaging in spiritual warfare. VCC provides training to believers.

Church Membership - The local believer knows that they can call VCC 'home'; being assured that the VCC church family and its leadership are fully committed to them, becoming their biblical 'covering' and protection.

Prayer - It is our means of communing with God. The rending of the veil, at the death of Christ, allows us to come boldly into the throne room and communicate with the Father throughout each day.

Leadership - The world is filled with followers, supervisors and managers, but very few leaders. At VCC, we train people to step into leadership positions in the church and in the marketplace.

Serving in Ministries - We believe that God has endowed each person with specific gifts and talents. God has never intended for the Pastor and his wife, or even the church leadership team, to be the only ones to carry the load of ministry. These gifts and talents must be cultivated and used in order for men and women to live with a sense of fulfillment and destiny.

Church Growth - When God's vision is embraced by the church leadership, and when it is articulated properly to God's people, the local church will grow, and the members will be involved and fulfilled.

Baptism - We believe that the New Testament teaches that there are three distinct acts of grace concerning the doctrine of baptisms: Baptism into the Body of Christ, Water Baptism, and Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Gifts - We as the church, believe in the reality, existence and availability of spiritual gifts for the Believer in Christ. The Motivational Gifts, The Gifts of the Spirit, and 5-fold Ministry Gifts.

Corporate Gathering - We believe that the local church should be a rallying point and a "hub" of spiritual and natural activity. We are the apple of God's eye and the love and desire of God's heart. God delights in us assembling in one mind, offering prayer, praise and worship, and sharing in fellowship.

Visitors - We view visitors not merely as visiting, but as our guests. Because people are important to God, they are important to us; and we will continue striving to love them, befriend them, and welcome them into the life flow of this local church.

Communion - We believe that the Lord's Supper is a spiritual act of obedience which is engaged in to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ. This is a symbolic, yet meaningful, event in the life and experience of each individual believer.

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