The best way to feel like a part of the VCC family is to get connected!

connect & grow

Everyone longs to belong somewhere and be a part of something bigger than themselves. At VCC, you have that opportunity! Stop by the 'Get Connected' area in the fellowship hall, for details on how YOU can get connected! Serve on a ministry team. Join a small group. Sign up for a Bible Study. GET CONNECTED!


Small GroupsSmall Groups are held throughout the year. Some groups meet in homes, some at the church, and some in other locations. Bible studies, fellowship groups, niche interest groups (writing, hiking, fitness, dining etc) and more! We have a new small group for the Hispanic Community, too!  Irma Rivera is the Small Group
Icon Mens MinistryMen's Ministry: The men at VCC get together often throughout the year. They often meet on Mondays for Bible study, 1 Saturday a month for breakfast at VCC and a time in the Word with guest speakers, as well as gathering for times of fellowship throughout the year. Santo Gulino and Kurt Wildman head the Men's Ministry.
Icon Womens MinistryWomen's Ministry: The women at VCC love to fellowship together at breakfasts held here at VCC, when going to conferences, and when serving others as (EG making & selling breakfast sandwhiches each month). The Director of the Women's Ministry is Karen Wetherell. Her contact email is
Icon 18 30 Men'Shield': This is a ministry for young men, ages 18-30. The guys get together to study the Word, to fellowship, to learn leadership principles, and to serve at VCC and in the community together. Contact Tyler Grant
Icon18 30 Women'FEARLESS': This is a ministry for young ladies, ages 18-30. They get together to fellowship, to study the Word, and to serve others at VCC and in the community. The contact person is Marissa Meade.

Icon TeensTeens: VCC is committed to equipping the teens to become active and Godly citizens who will be difference makers in the marketplace and in ministry. Pastor Petey and Christina are the Youth Group Directors, and have a team of Youth Workers.  YOUTH WEBSITE LINK
Icon Victory KidsVictory Kids: Here at VCC, we are committed to helping parents train children up for the Lord.  Christina Leal is the director of Victory Kids. *Background checks are required. Victory Kids Website
Icon Victory MomsVictory Moms:: Moms of young children meet together for play dates, and to offer support, friendship, and advice to one another. Once a month is Moms night out. Join the moms group  ON FACEBOOKEmily Labieniec is the director of Victory Moms
Icon SinglesSingles Typcially meets on Fridays, as well as attend events together throughout the year. Liz Hall and Ella Trueworthy are the co-directors of the Singles Ministry here at VCC.
Icon Celebrate RecoveryCelebrate Recovery (CR): Meets on Wednesdays here at VCC Christ centered recovery program for any hurt, habit, or hang-up. This confidential group is open to non-VCC members as well as VCC members. Randy and Nancy Tapp are the Directors of CR here at VCC.
Icon Financial FreedomFinancial Freedom Ministry: Typically runs 2x a year, for a 9 week cycle. This ministry is geared to teach people what the Bible has to say about money and how to spend it, as well as how to live a debt free life. Dan & Diane Miller are the Directors of the Financial Freedom Ministry.
Icon Divorce CareDivorce Care:  Facilitated small group discussion which includes DVD sessions. Find hope and healing after divorce. 
Icon Marriage EnrichmentMarriage Enrichment: Typically meets Tuesdays and Fridays, and includes various events and Bible studies, designed to strengthen your marriage. Mario & Cathie Santiago are the Directors of the Marriage Ministry.

connect & serve

There are a wide variety of opportunities to serve, and be a part of the VCC community. The incredible thing about serving together in the VCC community is that we can make and build new friendships, share a common purpose, and we ourselves are served in the process.

MINISTRY TEAMS (*Serve while here for church services)

Icon Sound Audio*Sound/Audio Recording Team: Serve as a part of the sound team doing sound engineering, recording, or moving equipment during church services and special events. Jim Marturano is the Director of the Sound Team.
Icon Video Camera*Video Recording/Camera: Serve as a team member who operates a camera for livestreaming church services and special events, as well as recording the services. Tom Hickman is the Director of the Video Ministry.
Icon Ushers*Ushers: Provide quality care and facilitate a Godly and orderly atmosphere during any and all church services. Tasks include locating empty seats, providing outlines, and passing the offering baskets. Tommy & Jessica Allen are the Directors of the Ushers Ministry.
Icon Greeting Team*Greeting Team: The team greets incoming members and guests at the door, provides nametags, answers questions, provides new guest packets, and generally provides a warm welcome to everyone. Rick Krauth is the Director of the Care Team.
Icon Communion Team*Communion Service: The team serves communion to congregation members during Sunday services. This includes passing out communion, as well as collecting element containers following communion. Dennis Kosswig is the Director of the Communion Team.
Icon Parking Lot*Parking Lot: Team members facilitate an orderly and safe environment in the parking lot for church services. Members may help with sanding, shoveling, and providing umbrella protection during inclement weather. Steve Wetherell is the Parking Lot Ministry Director.
Icon Van Drivers*Transportation: For those in need, we provide transportation to church services and special events. Van drivers are responsible for communicating with the director for routes and names of those who require pickup on that particular day. Rich D'Amico is the Director of the Transportation Ministry. 
Icon Security*Security: The Security team is responsible for maintaining the safety and welfare of all church members and church property. Members are assigned coverage stations at each service and are expected to be at the station and alert throughout the services. Keith James heads our Security at VCC.
Icon Java Cafe*Java Cafe: The cafe is a place to connect, grab coffee or food, and recharge devices. Both teens and adults comprise the ministry team that serves in the cafe. Julia Luster is the Director of the Java Bar Ministry.
Icon Media Center*Media Center: Some team members duplicate CD’s and DVD's of recorded services and the recordings are available for purchase at the Media Counter. Anthony Kwentoh is the Director of the Media Recordings and Arlene Rivera leads the team at the sales counter.
Icon Grounds CrewLandscape and Grounds: The team maintains and enhances the beauty of the church grounds. Tasks may include planting seasonal flowers, mulching, and creating/redoing berms and walls. Mark Alley is the Grounds Director.
Icon Cleaning MinistryCleaning: In keeping with a spirit of excellence, the building is kept clean at all times.Team members clean assigned building areas, on a weekly basis. Julia Luster is the Director of the Cleaning Ministry here at VCC.
Icon KitchenKitchen Crew: Team members assist with setting up, serving, and cleaning after various events. Events may include celebratory meals, special events, weddings, and funerals. Guy Martin is the Director of this ministry.
Icon Strike ForceStrike Force Team: Team members are responsible primarily for setting up and putting away tables and chairs, relative to events held at VCC throughout the calendar year. Team members also help with moving other items, as needed-for VCC events and services. Miguel Diaz is the Director of Strike Force.
Icon Intercessory PrayerIntercessory Prayer Team: The team meets on Tuesday evenings, offering prayer for the corporate and individual needs of the church body. Team members also serve offering prayer for people after service. Janet Lavoy and Debbie Granger head up the Intercessory Team.
Icon Nursing Home MinistryNursing Home Team: The nursing home ministry provides services (currently to 1 home) on the 4th Saturday morning of the month. Join the team for an hour a month: sharing love, singing, and sharing the Gospel message to those confined to the nursing home. Pastor Roy is the Director of the Nursing Home Ministry.
Icon Meals MinistryMeals Ministry Team: Be a member of the team that prepares meals for someone in the VCC church body in time of need and extenuating circumstances. Kelli Vasso is the Director of the Meals Ministry.
Icon Visitation of SickVisitation: Team members visit, encourage, and pray for the sick, in hospitals or at home. The ministry head notifies team members of needs and confirms plans of team members to visit. Pastor Roy is the Director of the Visitation Ministry.
Meet the NeedMeet the Need: Team members work together to meet various needs, doing outreaches to the underprivileged in the local region. Outreaches include working within local soup kitchen, gathering clothing, and other related activities. The VCC office coordinates these outreaches at this time.
ICON EvangelismEvangelism: Team members work together to reach out to the lost through year-round effective and exciting evangelistic efforts. Training is provided and ministry is done in the local area. Greg Brousaides is the Evangelism Director.

Service Times

Sunday 8:45 am & 10:45 am
Thursday 7:00 pm

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Tuesday 6:30 pm


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